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9 tips to choose a good binary options brokers

choose a good binary options broker can be a difficult task if you are a beginner. there are so many binary options broker online, some are scam. I am writing this blog post positions in order to help you choose a good binary options broker and avoid choosing a scammer broker. Here are 9 tips to follow for selecting the best brokers binary options online for you to begin binary options trader.

Simple, intuitive user interface: a good professional and reliable binary option broker offers easy and simple to handle the user interface that saves a lot of time and headaches for traders.

platform: the platform used to be web-based and not downloading a program. this gives you the ability to check on your time investment of time, while being sure of the latest version of the exchange program is used. the program and your account must be easy to access with no hidden aspects of the account. verify that your account is available in your native language or the language you choose.

regulated brokers: Make sure the broker you choose must be registered and duly authorized can certainly be trusted with your money because they are required by law to play by the rules, registered broker are often subjected to periodic inspections of ensure that they play by the rules.

wide range of assets: make sure to choose a binary options broker that offers a wide range of assets including products, stocks, currency pairs and indices. the best broker offering up to 80 underlying assets and a platform that makes it easy to place lucrative orders without delay.
Payout: Make sure you choose a binary options broker that provides a 65% -75% return on your victory, and at least 10% of any loss. if you find the broker who offers lower percentage, I advice you reconsider. if the market provides a better offer, why not take it?
The customer support has: make sure the customer service is of high quality as important to get support and timely assistance. the broker must provide support to customers in the variety of languages ​​and through multiple platform such as email, live chat, and phone support.

secure payment: the broker must offer a secure payment system, including fraud detection service. looking for a site that has a 128-bit SSL encryption.

payment options: a good binary option broker provide a wide variety of payment methods such as Paypal, bank transfer, credit card etc.

compare site reviews: if you find a broker who answer was banning your need, I suggest you spend a few minutes to look critical and commercial sites forums
, To know the opinion of another trader who used this option broker before you.

nine tips that will be very useful to help you chose a good broker binary options and help you eliminated the rogue brokers.

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